City of Iowa City Leaf Pickup

CONTACT: Streets Division, 356-5181

The cooperation of the residents of Iowa City is imperative to the success of leaf collection. The leaves should be raked into the parkway area (between the sidewalk and the curb), but no farther than five feet back from the curb. If the leaves are placed more than five feet back from the curb, the vacuum equipment cannot reach them without damaging the parkway area. Leaves should never be raked into the streets as they may be washed into the storm sewers by rain and cause street flooding. Also, residents should remember that only leaves can be picked up; the machines will not pick up brush and garden refuse.

*Please Note: When the crews are scheduled to be in your area on consecutive days (November 14 and 15, for example), this means the crews will be in your neighborhood one of the two days, but not both. Have your leaves ready the first of the consecutive days for pickup.

Parked vehicles also cause problems for the leaf pickup crews. Some areas, where on-street parking is heavy, are posted for no parking while leaf pickup crews are in the neighborhood. Where parking is limited to alternate days, leaf pickup will occur on the side of the street without parking.

In spite of all the preparation of schedules and maintenance of equipment, there are other elements that affect the operation of leaf pickup and can cause delays in the service. Breakdown of equipment, heavy rains, snow, etc. can change the schedules, and residents are asked to be patient and understanding. If residents desire more rapid leaf pickup, they may bag the leaves in City of Iowa City yard waste bags and place them out with regular refuse for collection by the City refuse crews. Leaf burning is banned by City Ordinance.

CONTACT: Streets Division, 356-5181

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