Johnson County Council of Governments 

Welcome to JCCOG.

The Johnson County Council of Governments (JCCOG) is the county-wide planning organization for Johnson County.  Assistance is provided to JCCOG member agencies in four specific program areas:  transportation, human services, solid waste management, and assistance to small communities.  Besides the four program areas, JCCOG is also a forum for discussion of any county-wide planning issue.  In past years this has included establishment of a regional fire protection mutual aid agreement, and a joint animal control facility.

The following information will familiarize you with the scope and function of JCCOG.

JCCOG Policy Boards

JCCOG Organization

Human Services Planning Division

Solid Waste Management Planning Division

Transportation Planning Division

Administration Division


 Johnson County Community Network

If you have any questions, please contact a member of the JCCOG staff :
    Jeff Davidson, Executive Director and Transportation Planner, 356-5252

    Kevin Doyle, Assistant Transportation Planner, 356-5253

    John Yapp, Assistant Transportation Planner, 356-5247

    Doug Ripley, Traffic Engineering Planner, 356-5254

    Linda Severson, Human Services Planning Coordinator, 356-5242

    Brad Neumann, Solid Waste Management Planning Coordinator, 356-5235

    Tammy Parks, Administrative Secretary, 356-5230
Johnson County Council of Governments  
  410 Washinton St. Iowa City, IA 52240