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Housing & Homeless Needs Assesment:
General Estimated Housing Needs


I. Development of the 2001-2006 Consolidation Plan (CITY STEPS) II. Housing & Homeless Needs Assesment III. Housing Market Analysis IV. Strategic Plan V. Certifications VI. Appendices
A. General Estimated Housing Needs B. Housing Needs Assesment C. Homeless Needs D. Supportive Housing Needs of Non Homeless Special Needs Populations E. Lead Based Paint Hazards


Affordable housing is a primary concern for Iowa City. According to published data from the Iowa City Area Association of Realtors (second quarter of 1999), the median price of a single family home is $120,500. This ranks Iowa City among the highest cost single-family housing in the state. Also, the rental costs in Iowa City are very high relative to the rest of the state due to the number of students attending the University of Iowa and job creation attributed to good economic conditions. The influx of persons saturates the rental housing market with consumers, causing an increased demand for rental housing, especially the affordable units. Very low vacancy rates contribute further to the increasing cost of both rental and owner-occupied housing. Despite the continued expansion of Iowa City’s housing stock, demand continues to outdistance supply.

1. Source of Data

Data for this section comes primarily from the 1990 U.S. Census and 1996 Special Census for the City of Iowa City. Other information is from other sources generally considered reliable, such as agency records and specific surveys. Most of the housing information is from a 1998 Housing Market Analysis performed by Maxfield Research, Inc. for the Iowa City Metro Area. Where possible, updated information has been included to provide an accurate picture of the City's needs. Most of the information is current to June 1999.

2. Consultation with Social Service Agencies and Other Entities

The City of Iowa City held a series of public meetings in September 1999 to gain citizen input for this plan. Also participating in those meetings were representatives of many local social service agencies. Other entities, such as local governments, were contacted and provided information regarding the development of this plan.

3. Housing Needs of Persons with HIV/AIDS and Their Families

Housing needs of persons with HIV/AIDS were not specifically detailed during the public participation process. However, in fiscal year 1993 the City funded a housing study targeting persons with HIV/AIDS. The Iowa Center for AIDS Resources and Education (ICARE) conducted and presented its housing study to the City in March 1994. A more current study has not been conducted, however, as of July 1999 the executive director of ICARE informed the City the information in the 1994 report is accurate as it pertains to housing needs. The findings and determinations of the 1994 study have been used to determine the housing needs of persons with HIV/AIDS for the purposes of the Consolidated Plan.

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